Affiliated Companies


 e3Sourcing, LLC is software to automate “3 bids and a buy”. Geared to medium business, this is a useful tool to to provide internal visibility for internal clients to engage directly with selected suppliers to directly bid and place orders for goods needed. This is best used for commodity purchases such as print, technology hardware as well as services such as application developers, web design and other labor based project work. 

Spend Navigator, LLC

Spend Navigator, LLC (Spend Nav) is a multi-media firm which manages clients’ contact with the markets they wish to effect. Whether it is through newspapers, web content, social media, television or radio, or even event planning, Spend Nav has the solution. Spend Navigator divisions include:

Long Islander News, founded by America’s poet Walt Whitman in 1838, has a strong following and is the oldest newspaper in the Long Island Region. It is a weekly newspaper that brings important coverage to the community

Huntington Weekly Newspaper serves homes in the Greater Huntington communities with activities and lifestyles.

The Suffolk Lawyer, the publication of the Suffolk County Bar Association, is published monthly September through June – The website central to the annual Huntington Restaurant Week and complementing the ongoing DineHuntington Facebook page. was created to celebrate all that is good in the town.


 SCIVE: Self-Contained Immersive Virtual Environment. Give customers a reason to do business with you.


In today’s world, we can get hyper visibility in an extreme close up, but we lose the contextual terms of its surroundings. Alternatively we can get extended visibility of a large space, but we lose the clarity in terms of smaller components. 

Our company specializes in bringing solutions to market to allow a convergence of context and clarity in understanding the world around us.

Our SCIVE product will take a picture or pictures, scans, or a graphical representation of a subject, and present it to the observer in a self-contained environment, virtualizing it, rendering it in 3D and immersing the viewer in the subject.