Partner Companies

JPD Financial


JPD is a professional service provider that employs a team of highly skilled individuals using our Vendor Credit Recovery™ process who communicate directly with your suppliers. As the audit landscape continues to evolve, JPD has become proficient in rebalancing expectations and offering a solution that is advantageous to our clients. Our advanced recovery credit services together with quality communication processes produce the best results. This personal approach strengthens the relationships of our customers and delivers the highest level of satisfaction and reward..

  • Significant Recoveries
  • Process Improvement
  • State of the Art Security Standards
  • Partnership Success Stories
  • Global Outreach
  • Improved Supplier Information

JPD’s Vendor Credit Recovery™ solution is cloud-based leveraging the platform. This solution will not require any physical deployment of software or hardware, providing the flexibility of allowing credit recovery functions to be performed from anywhere our clients operate.



GRMS (Global Risk Management Solutions) is the recognized leader in providing innovative supplier risk assessment programs that assist companies to reduce exposure to global business risk and liability.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, GRMS serves a global clientele of companies and organizations in many diverse industries ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 50 companies. Our years of demonstrated experience, proprietary programs and global capabilities have provided our clients with risk management solutions to meet their specific needs and the peace of mind knowing that they are protected while conducting business.

GRMS' approach is unique in that our team of experts apply a client-centric approach that delivers optimal risk assessment solutions. Our clients come to us with their unique risk mitigation concerns and we create customized assessment solutions to safeguard their companies when conducting business anywhere in the world.

Kairos Partners, LLC


Telecom carriers are required to collect federal, state and local taxes on the telecom services they sell.  With over 80,000 state and local tax jurisdictions nationwide, the collective tax rate on telecom services often exceeds 25%, making the telecommunications industry one of the most heavily taxed industries in the United States.

Given the complexity and shear number of taxes on telecommunications services, the correct assessment of taxes is a daunting task for the telecom carriers.  As a result, mistakes and over taxation are common occurrences.

Kairos Partners provides telecom consulting services to the some of the largest telecom spenders in the world.  We successfully reduce telecom taxes, fees and surcharges through our knowledge of tax exemptions, tax caps, and taxation errors.  We have also worked on several initiatives to eradicate taxes that have been illegally or fraudulently assessed.

If your organization spends over $1,000,000 per year on telecom services, there is a high probability that Kairos can significantly reduce your telecom taxes, fees and surcharges.