Provide the Right People for the Right Job

 Either on site or remote - we get the job done. We have the right level of expertise and the right rates to fit your budget and to provide true value.  We do not waste your time or your money and can assist certain projects on a contingency basis. Talk to us and see how creative we can be.

Understand Expenses and Manage Supplier Risk

 We help you manage complex contracts and expenses and minimize risk with your third party providers and suppliers. We can set up a program and then knowledge tranfer back into your organization or we can operate as an out-tasked arm of your organization. Let us help you help your organization.

Expert in Non-Traditional Categories

We can help you areas not traditionally sourced. For expample we can assist with both processing credit cards as well as run a corporate credit card program. We have expertise in areas like Facilities, Human Resources,  IT Consultants and Software Contracts, Offshoring/Re-shoring and Audits, We have an excellent Benchmarking practice as well.